Welcome to Colorado Watersports!


The History of Colorado Watersports

Colorado Watersports is Denver's only Sailing and Watersports Center. The center is owned by the Victoria Sailing School which has been teaching adults how to sail in Denver since 1987. With our 30 years of experience, we select top quality equipment, train our instructors and camp counselors and add a boatload enthusiasm!


Our Mission

To make sailing and watersports more accessible.

We support the sailing and watersports industry both in Colorado and worldwide, by enticing people to the water. We provide training regardless or age, gender, or ability, to safely and skillfully enjoy watersports. 


What Do We Offer?
From our location on the sandy shores of Roxborough Cove on Chatfield Reservoir we offer children's day camps, rentals, and lessons for Sailboats, Paddle-Boards, Canoes and Kayaks.

For our beginners, this is a wonderfully safe and protected area to learn. For our more advanced users, the cove provides access to the entire reservoir and plenty of space to play.


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