Youth Sailing Club

Our 5 week programs are structured to beginner/intermediate youth sailors from ages 9-14. Each 2 hour lesson includes hands-on instruction on land and water. By the end of the course, sailors will feel confident in themselves and a pro at small boat sailing.

This program will focus on:

  1. Boat and water safety
  2. Recognizing and understanding parts of a sailboat
  3. Knot tying
  4. Sail trim and points of sail
  5. Boat control
  6. Tacking and gybing
  7. Sailing with a jib
  8. Dinghy racing
  9. Rigging, derigging, and boat care and much more!

Skills and techniques will be taught on land, demonstrated, and practiced.

Sail club will run two six week courses starting in May.

paddle fit

A breath of fresh air, take your workout on the water. Test your balance and strength on a paddleboard. This course will improve your general fitness with cardio and plyometrics. Join us on the water and in the sun this summer.

What does Paddle Fit Involve?
Paddle fit will run every Sunday morning from 7:30-9am running June through September. Drop in rate is $50,  a 4 pack is  $140.
Each morning will consist of a 5-10 minute warm up and stretches. A brisk 10-15 paddle to the far shore. a 35-45 plyometric and balance based workout. A brisk paddle back to shore. Cool down and stretches.